Welcome to the Research Centre

This website has been designed to collect and save data about Slocan Lake and the natural world that we live in. The Comments and dialogue on the various pages of this website will collect this data in a format that can be read by any visitor and added to by visitors over time. Click on “Chirp” for a newsy page of what is happening and to tell others what you have seen. 

We will also be collecting, and sharing with you, reports that relate to the area. Our own research will also appear on this website. Please visit the “Research” page for more details on reports and data available and how to retrieve them.

This site is open to everyone. Comments and questions are welcome. Simply click on “Leave a Comment”  on any of the pages and an input box will open. We encourage pictures but please e-mail them to me (richard.slrc@gmail.com) until I figure out how to upload them through this site. I will post them on the page with your comment. .

This site is live and constantly growing so it has been set up with a  “Web Feed” . If you choose to use the Web Feed feature of Internet Explorer you can activate it with respect to this website as follows: Left click on “Favorites” on your Internet Explorer header. This will drop down a menu, one tab of which will be labelled “Feeds”. Left click this tab and input or copy the URL (the http address at the top of  the screen that has “slocanresearch” in it) into the drop-down menu box. Internet Explorer will then highlight the URL if our website has changed since the last time you visited it.

Please visit the “About”  page for more details about what we do.



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