Initiatives of the Research Center

Back after a hiatus while focusing on the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society, Slocan Solutions Society, Healthy Community Society and Columbia Basin Watershed Network

A number of projects are underway at the center here.

Water Monitoring of Creeks:

Four creeks that feed into Slocan Lake are being monitored, Carpenter, Wilson, Bonanza and Silverton. Data has been collected from these creeks since 2010. Carpenter Creek has been sampled nearly every week (Thanks Lane and Margaret) since July 2010. Continuous (hourly) water temperature data has been collected from Wilson Creek for three years with samples of water caught, sometimes irregularly, since June 2010. Bonanza has been sampled even before May 2010 and Silverton has been sampled, but not continuously, since July 2010. The samples are tested for conductivity, turbidity and pH. I plan on publishing the data here and filing it with the Columbia Basin Watershed Network water quality initiative.

Wetland Workshops:

The BC Wildlife Federation Wetlands Education Program is planning to hold wetlands training in the Slocan Valley as follows;

Wednesday June 12.  Working Group Session (to work towards wetland restoration/conservation prioritization in the Slocan Watershed – with guest speakers and topical discussions)

Friday June 14 & Saturday June 15.  Map our Marshes Workshop & Bioblitz

More on this later. If you are interested please contact me via the comments section or by phone at 250-358-2590.

More later. Richard


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