Butterflies are back

The snow is nearly gone and all the birds are arriving. Yesterday I saw the first butterfly of the year for me.  Thanks to John Acorn for identifying it as Compton Tortoiseshell (Nymphalis vaualbum). He notes “the  large white spots are good field marks”.  She was skittish and drinking from a mud puddle.

Also checked out the mussel shells at the north end of Slocan Lake. They are definitely Anodonta and, Dick Callison and I believe they are A. oregonensis.

Vaessa_spp-1 Vanessa_spp-2


2 thoughts on “Butterflies are back

    • Yes, butterflies are the latest. Do you want to handle the birding site “Chirp”? You would approve posts and have free reign to post interesting news and photos. THe pay is the same as for collecting water samples.
      I get pictures and info in my Email but would like to get people using the “Chirp” site so we have an ongoing record.

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