Creation of SWAMP

Birders-TNA successful wetlands workshop was held at Hunter Siding Marsh on Bonanza Creek from June 7 to 9, 2013. Twenty-five people participated in the training that was provided by Neil Fletcher and his helpers from the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF). Specialists in soils, wildlife, birds, insects, amphibians and bats were brought in to provide the training. A bio-blitz of Bonanza Marsh was performed at the same time by many of the same specialists. The results of the work on both marshes will be posted on this site as soon as they have been compiled by the BCWF.

A follow-up meeting was held in Winlaw on June 12, 2013 to consider further work to be done on the wetlands of the Slocan Watershed. This resulted in some creative thinking and the initiation of a collaborative group, the Slocan Wetlands Assessment & Mapping Project, SWAMP, to further the work started by the workshop.

Swamp Logo2
SWAMP Vision: To see healthy, intact functioning wetlands and riparian areas providing home to diverse species and providing natural processes throughout the Slocan Valley.
Initial work will be to identify all of the wetlands in the watershed. Then prioritize them and begin the mapping and categorization process. Restoration projects will be identified throughout the process as well as identification of unique habitat or biodiversity wetlands that need special status.
As this group develops a communications network will be set up to keep everyone aware of the work that is involved. This website will be a link in that network. Stay tuned.

15 thoughts on “Creation of SWAMP

  1. Wonderful – please keep me in the loop. Having participated in the Wetlands Workshop, I am very interested in being active in the ongoing work.

  2. Hi Rachel

    I think I found u on Google+ Now I have to join it to see how it works. I will keep you in the loop and I am hoping to have a group on facebook or something. This site will be the place to come if I lose you.

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  5. I would like to be on the ‘keep me posted’ group please for upcoming meetings etc, this is Timothy Jackson, I attended the New Denver workshop. I am guessing this list will become the ‘SWAMP’ list….? Thanks! Tim

    • I will keep you posted. We are getting buy-in of the “SWAMP” concept from a couple of Societies and Jennifer Yeow and I (mainly Jennifer) are working on a draft action plan which will be circulated soon.

  6. Hey Richard, I sent out an email a few weeks ago about compiling a landowner contact brochure and I am just checking in to see how it is going. I’m looking for a blurb on the work that the SLRC does, how to get involved, and your contact information. As well, if you can include your logo and high resolution photos that would be most appreciated.

    Take care,

    • Hi Rachel I am working on it. Been busy with writing a grant for wetland work and following the Lemon Creek spill. Have confirmation of killed fish, benthics and one dipper. Going to meeting in Winlaw tonight. Talk soon. Richard

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