Western Toads and Spring Beauties

On May 16, 2014 I took a trip to Fish Lake Lake (50 deg 03 min 40 sec N, 117 deg 10’ 51 sec W, elev. 1074 m.). At the picnic site at the east end of the lake I was happy to see about 20 Western Toads by standing in one spot and watching along just 30 meters of shoreline. Two were already coupled, so the spawning season has begun. I took several pictures.



Nearby I took some pictures of a large patch of white Claytonia sp.in full bloom. Verena Shaw had pointed out to me on a previous trip. My books calls them Spring Beauties but I have also heard them called Snowdrops. They were growing on an outwash fan and mingled with them were yellow Glacier Lilies (Erythronium grandiflorum) and yellow violets (prob. Viola orbiculata). All excellent Grizzly bear food I understand.




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