Bird Recording Project

SWAMP has recently acquired a Song Meter SM4 forSong Meter SM4 recording bird songs and calls in the various wetlands in the Slocan Valley. These recorders are completely programmable as to when, how often and how long they record so they are ideal for archiving what birds were in the area where the recorder was deployed. This is the start of a project to document the bird use of our wetlands. We will have a permanent record of any changes in bird migration and breeding over time.


NorthernSaw-whetOwl-Vyn_081210_0001Testing of the unit in this area has resulted in the capture of the call of a Northern Saw-whet Owl just outside of New Denver. He called for several late evenings for a couple of hours  each night and moves around while calling but monotonously repeats his beeping, like a persistently backing-up garbage truck. The photo is from Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.

Saw-whet Owl


The attached picture shows one minute of his calling via a sonogram. The horizontal axis is time, the vertical, frequency. The little yellow bars are the calls. To hear the actual calls please email me for a download or visit the MacCauley Library at Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Link:






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