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The Slocan Lake Research Centre collects data about the environment in the West Kootenays, particularly around Slocan Lake. Our plan is to gather and disseminate scientific and anecdotal information about the area through this website. We are non-political and not sponsored by any organization or agency. Current funding is provided by myself, Richard Johnson. We are not seeking money at this time but would welcome anyone that wants to contribute articles to be published on this site.  Please contact us, richard.slrc@gmail.com if you are interested in writing for the website or monitoring discussion forums on these pages.



5 thoughts on “What we do

  1. hello i am writing in regards to the slocan city mill.under the barge and all around in front there are logs from many years stacked up to depths as fros 30 feet to 130 and beyond.the site is home to thousands of fish of many species.i know this as i dive the site regularly.i have heard they are going to remove the logs and the homes of these fish.it would seem to me a terrable loss..i am not sure what to do.if there is anything a persone can do.please let me know what you think…p.s. i have photos of the dive site loaded with fish if you care to see them..cliff gold

      • I am advised by Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)that the removal of the wood from the lake would require an approval under the Water Act which would be reviewed by DFO and the Ministry of Environment. So far DFO has not seen an application for this removal.

    • I looked at some photos of the site. I do not remember if they were Cliff’s or not.
      Cliff’s contact was in 2010 (see comments). Since then a barge with a grapple removed a number of logs and log bundles from the area and has since returned to Rosebery. I do not think they are planning any more recovery so the fist habitat is probably mostly unchanged. I do not know what effect the logs have on fish in this lake. We need to talk to fish biologists. RHJ

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