This page is for inputting wildlife data in general. If you want to report data on wildlife that does not have a category page such as Birds or Fish, please enter the data, questions or comments by clicking the Comment(s) below to open the dialogue box.


6 thoughts on “Wildlife

  1. On April 26 ,2010 I saw a mother bear and two cubs along Highway 6, about two kilometers north of Rosebery. She was a brown variation of a black bear and both cubs were brown.
    About an hour later, when we were returning from Nakusp, we passed three young men on bicycles near there. They had also seen her. A resident in Rosebery says she knows the bears, they had been up one of her trees several days earlier.
    I would like to know who else has seen this bear.

  2. Craig saw the mother bear and her two cubs coming back from his afternoon run, about 4pm one day last week. They were very cute.

  3. on May 10 near the new denver marina i saw a pair of river otters doing their mating ritual…it lasted 15 minutes and included chasing, biting, squealing, rolling around at the surface, running over the rocky beach, more chasing around the boat docks and finally, going their separate ways. though I was quite near at one point, 4 metres from the action, they were oblivious to me.

  4. There is a big cinnimum bear up Popou rd that has been coming around. he broke into our house and wrecked havock inside before pooping twice in the living room. He keeps coming back, and since we replaced the door he is now trying to rip down the plywood walls to our bootroom via the kitty door! I dont want to have him removed but he has become a threat to our home. I am wondering if he is bothering anyone eles in the area?

    • Hi Leah

      The cinnamon bear sounds scary. Is it a Grizzly?
      I know that you do not want Fish and Wildlife to harm it. If you want I can put you in touch with someone from Bear Smart. Maybe they have an idea on how to discourage it.
      Thank you for using the website. It is not yet well known but I hope that it continues to grow and be useful to the community.


  5. Ron Scroggins mentioned today (Dec. 15) that he saw a wolf in Silverton the other evening – he is pretty bush-savvy, and described it as being “about twice the size of a coyote, with much longer legs). That is the third report I’ve heard this year of wolf sightings – the other two were in Rosebery.

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