Species at Risk

The British Columbia Conservation Data Centre (CDC) systematically collects and disseminates information on plants, animals and ecosystems (ecological communities) at risk in British Columbia. Their website is at http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/cdc/

The following red and blue listed species may be found in the Slocan Lake area (Luce Paquin, draft report).:

Mammals:  Fringed Myotis (blue);  Townsend’s Big-eared Bat (blue);  Red-tailed Chipmunk (blue); Fisher (blue); Wolverine (blue); Badger (red); Caribou (blue);  Grizzly Bear (red)

Birds: American Bittern (blue); Great Blue Heron (blue); Western Screech-Owl (red); Short-eared Owl (blue); Lewis’s Woodpecker (red) [sighted in New Denver]; Barn Swallow (blue) [sighted in Rosebery, Silverton and New Denver]; Yellow Brested Chat (red); Bobolink (blue)

Fish: White Sturgeon(red)[known to live in Slocan Lake]; Shorthead Sculpin (blue)[known to live in Slocan River); Colummbia Sculpin(blue); Cutthroat Trout (blue) [stocked and caught in Slocan Lake]; Umatilla Dace (red); Bull Trout (blue) [regularly caught in Slocan Lake]

Reptiles: Western Painted Turtle (blue); Western Skink (blue)

The Research Centre encourages you to report any sightings of these species on this web-site. Simply send us a note via any “Comment” box on these pages.


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